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Our Covid-19 Diagnostic Device

analyzes spectral wavelength readings which are cross-referenced with the genomic signature of COVID-19 or mutated derivations of the pathogen which once identified will give the wearer real-time knowledge their COVID-19 infection status  

Once a positive test is revealed it will be displayed on the face of our proprietary watch.

How the WDS Works

The Covid-19 Diagnostic Sensor (WDS)


AL Aquatic Live saving Device

AL, you need.

The difference between life and death while swimming can be a matter of moments. Being found too late has taken too many lives and this is where you can do something about it. AL (Aquatic Lifesaver) is designed to give the lifeguard or military personnel access to a swimmer in distress by monitoring vitals while above water and tracking movement below water.


How AL works

Better Life uses innovative technology so that when the swimmer wears the device on the arm as directed and enters the water, a signal is already being transmitted that the swimmer is not in distress. The technology is actuated when the swimmer begins to exhibit symptoms of drowning, AL will transmit a signal to a compatible device with the proprietary software.


The individual in possession of said device, a lifeguard, parent, caretaker, etc., will be alerted the swimmer is in distress and is exhibiting symptoms of drowning. The device will show the distressed swimmer’s location and vital signs. This allows the rescuer to aid the distressed swimmer more quickly and efficiently, saving valuable response time.


Additionally, if the swimmer would like rescue, but is not yet exhibiting symptoms of drowning, the swimmer can activate the alert manually.

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